thumb licks [9.11.12]

Why should I give it my all to teach a small Sunday School class or clean the church toilets? Are you attracted to legalism? How the government spends its money. The gospel impacts your parenting. Love is stupid. I want this new VW bus! Why disabilities? Not your average Youth Group. Top 10 blogs for women. Worlds Greatest Drag Race Advertisements Continue reading thumb licks [9.11.12]

I don’t feel relevant

I was in a conversation with a middle-aged lay youth leader last week. He has been serving in his church with his wife for years. He has teenagers himself. He really cares for the teenagers and goes out of his way to love them and connect them with Christ, but he still appeared a bit discouraged that he himself was not connecting with them. Moments … Continue reading I don’t feel relevant

Mary & me

Who are the top-5 most popular teenagers in the world? According Google search engine the top-5 are: Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Emma Watson. Are you a Bieliber? Biebergasted? Have the Bieber fever? Or OJBD? [Obsessive Justin Bieber Disorder] Are you a cult follower of Bieberism? [i.e. screaming crowd of 10-year olds] Fame and fortune are fleeting. We have seen how … Continue reading Mary & me

how to use the Bible in personal ministry

Connecting the Stories: How to Use Scripture in Personal Ministry 1. Some passages speak more clearly to certain issues that others, but all passages provide a lens through which to view any issue. 2. In ministry to others, we move from life to text or text to life. 3. Some passages are more easily used in ministry situations than others. 4. Major on connections that … Continue reading how to use the Bible in personal ministry

thumb licks [8.16.11]

Can We Be Good without God? Yes, of course.  But can you explain what morality is and where it comes from without God? That’s the key problem for an atheist worldview.  Craig Hazen explains in this Biola Magazine article.  Here’s the conclusion… How the Gospel Makes Us Generous and Content with Our Money I’m afraid the framing of this discussion leads us to ask the … Continue reading thumb licks [8.16.11]

why I love my church

This is the first day I step off the pastoral staff of Battle Ground Bible Church, but it is also the first day I step onto your mission outreach team. Although the role of my family will change within BGBC, we will still be an outreach arm linked to this church in North Africa. For the last 6-months I have been thinking about this day. … Continue reading why I love my church

risky move

The Discipleship Experiment. This year our student ministry leadership set a goal: be disciples discipling others to be disciples. We decided to do ministry biblically, thus the discipleship experiment took life. It was a risky move, but a bold biblical endeavor. We had some speed bumps, U-turns, and engines overheat along the journey, but overall I am ecstatic to see our adult leaders become more … Continue reading risky move