I need a job

Q: My job offers are falling through. So I might have to move my wife and kids in order to get a job. What should I do? Here is my encouragement to you as the man, husband, and father of your home: First, lead your family to a season of fasting and prayer. Maybe set […]

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thumb licks [2.9.12]

Ways to build spiritual conversation. 8 profitable ways to read your Bible. C.S. Lewis and the power of Story. Don’t take it from me: reasons you should not marry an unbeliever. How to disagree online without being a total jerk. Atheism: lessons learned from Christopher Hitchens. Free Run: I wish I could run like this. […]

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thumb licks [1.27.11]

5 Ways Wives Can Encourage Their Husbands. An Open Letter to Christian Wives with Unbelieving Husbands. 20 Things a Husband Could Say to Defuse an Argument with His Wife. Don’t Know How To Act When Someone Corrects You? Your Worries Are Over! How to Honor your wife. Treating your woman like a queen. Parenting Wisdom […]

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