born to forgive

Sunday at church I heard a great message about forgiveness from a familiar passage (Luke 7:36-50).  However, I fall in the trap of hearing a lot about forgiveness, but practicing it superficially. Jesus was born to forgive.  His life teaches us three things about about forgiveness: 1)  It takes compassion , 2) It is costly, […]

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the gift that keeps on giving

These are some beautiful reflections by my wife Sarah on Christmas. I can only imagine that both Mary and Joseph were exhausted. For the last 5-9 months as people learned of her pregnancy, Mary had lost friends.  Even her family frowned.  “Really?  You didn’t do anything wrong but you’re pregnant?  An angel you say?  Ok […]

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let there be light

This message is used by permission from my good friend Brian. Brian is a former physicians assistant and shepherd. Now Brian is serving the gospel to the least reached. He is living the Words he wants you to hear. Be a light in darkness this Christmas… 2 Corinthians 4:6 “For God, who said, “Let light […]

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thumb licks [12.05.12]

Good News of Great Joy, a FREE e-book for this advent. Anti-Santy Ranty, comparing Jesus and Santa. Why we should rejoice when God blesses others. I once made an origami frog, but these paper animals are amazing. Why don’t men read books? How to read the Bible with a non-Christian. Have you ever wondered about […]

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