The Dust of Death

Can one decade or generation have as much affect on a culture or nation as the 1960’s? Os Guinness wrote his book, The Dust of Death: The Sixties Counterculture and How it Changed America, just after living through the counter-cultural revolution of the 1960’s. Guinness charts with a socio-philosophical bent the journey of a generation, from the erosion of Christianity to the failure of the … Continue reading The Dust of Death

unashamed I stand

My first “real” job was at Schmidt Sporting Goods in the Wausau Center Mall. It was the perfect job for a teenager into sports. I was fifteen, a new Christian and a bit awkward socially. There were many times during a shift at work when the crowds would dwindle and stocking was slow and the employees would gravitate together to chat. You can imagine the … Continue reading unashamed I stand

6 Essentials for Proclaiming the Gospel

I have read dozens of books on evangelism. I have sat in conferences and seminary level courses on how to share my faith. I have equipped churchgoers with tools to present the good news to neighbors, strangers, and foreigners. On paper, I have a lot of knowledge and experience sharing the gospel, but in reality I still feel inadequate when it comes to personal evangelism. … Continue reading 6 Essentials for Proclaiming the Gospel

6 suggestions when talking to skeptics or someone with doubts

If you care about people and risk talking to the doubting, the skeptical, the confused, and the angry, you will soon run into a person who says to your counsel: I’ve tried that. Whatever you say, they will minimize it and say it doesn’t work or is unbelievable. Do not be surprised at this response. This is what it means to be doubting, skeptical, confused, … Continue reading 6 suggestions when talking to skeptics or someone with doubts

thumb licks [4.26.12]

Is the internet ruining your brain? How to deal with the loss of a spouse. That’s not fair. Sweet gadgets for the one percent who can afford them. Do pets go to heaven? 10 of the most difficult theological issues Christians must face today. How to lead a child to Christ? The secret life of plankton. So small but so great. More than just Christmas. Continue reading thumb licks [4.26.12]

Lessons learned from God’s Creatorhood

What can we learn from the way God imagines and makes, and how must we change our ways of imagining and making because of what we observe in His ways? 1. What we call strange or abstract art may be closer to God’s way of creating. When God created the first giraffe He did not have one to imitate or to copy. It came out … Continue reading Lessons learned from God’s Creatorhood