do you not know?

Did you know that the leading manufacture of tires in the world is LEGO? Did you know that a 26-year old woman aged 50 years in just days due to a strange illness cause by an allergy to seafood? Did you know that Pumbaa from the Lion King was the first character to pass gas […]

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the long silence

John Stott’s, The Cross of Christ is a rather filling and satisfying read, if you are looking for a book to bring you back to Jesus again. I recently turned the last page wanting more. Near the end of the book he includes a playlet by unknown author John McNeil entitled, The Long Silence. After a […]

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hanged on a tree (for me)

Part of the curse Jesus would bear for us on Golgotha was the taunting and testing by God’s enemies. As he drowned in his own blood, the spectators yelled words quite similar to those of Satan in the desert: “Let the Christ, the King of Israel, come down now from the cross that we may […]

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a case for penal substitution

The cross work of Christ is not just a payment for the wages of sin, but it is man’s means for cleansing from and victory over sin and death. In essence, that is the doctrine of penal substitution. The doctrine of penal substitution is one of the glorious truth’s of the Bible. First, the doctrine […]

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thumb lick thursday [4.7.11]

5 Ways to Make Your Kids Hate Church If you are a parent you have huge influence on whether or not your kids fall in love with Christ’s Church. Thomas Weaver give 5 very real ways parents can cultivate a hateful attitude in their children’s heart towards the church. My Christian Commitment “I’m part of […]

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