7 year mission

It was 7 years before William Carey baptized his first convert in India; it was 7 years before Judson won his first disciple in Burma; Morrison toiled 7 years before the first Chinaman was brought to Christ; Moffat declares that he waited 7 years to see the first evident moving of the Holy Spirit upon […]

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grace offends us

“The law offends us because it tells us what to do; grace offends us even more because it tells us we can’t do anything!” – Pastor Tullian Tchividjian Quoted while preaching through Galatians in a sermon series entitled Free at Last.

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echoes from the tomb

Leaning forward, you strain to hear. The fresh, cool breeze of the garden morning brushes your cheek. Bending, you look into that open, black-dark mouth of the tomb, its only light the sun’s thin finger reaching past your shoulder to touch the corner of a bone box. But the bones for which it waits have changed, […]

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hanged on a tree (for me)

Part of the curse Jesus would bear for us on Golgotha was the taunting and testing by God’s enemies. As he drowned in his own blood, the spectators yelled words quite similar to those of Satan in the desert: “Let the Christ, the King of Israel, come down now from the cross that we may […]

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What is grace? Grace is not unconditional acceptance, but it is undeserved. That is a very difficult balance to strike! God’s grace comes to us without prerequisites, finding us as we are. God;s grace does not come to the “deserving” (there is no such person), and it does not discriminate. Rather, initially it comes to […]

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thumb licks [harvest edition]

Hacked! And you thought your email was secure!? Sent into the Harvest: Halloween on Mission. Be on mission this Halloween. 7 Reasons Why Halloween Judgment Houses Miss the Mark. I always thought they were corny. Strangest Ways to Travel. I totally want one. Give us the Peculiar Grace of a Peculiar People. A prayer from […]

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thumb lick thursday [5.19.11]

hospitality and small children I’ve been thinking about the joys and challenges of being hospitable with small children at home. Having toddlers afoot amid home and meal preparations, while expecting a large or small gathering of people, can be a challenge. So much so that many people just don’t do it much at all. But it […]

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