hanged on a tree (for me)

Part of the curse Jesus would bear for us on Golgotha was the taunting and testing by God’s enemies. As he drowned in his own blood, the spectators yelled words quite similar to those of Satan in the desert: “Let the Christ, the King of Israel, come down now from the cross that we may see and believe” (Mark 15:32). But he didn’t jump down. … Continue reading hanged on a tree (for me)

thumb licks [harvest edition]

Hacked! And you thought your email was secure!? Sent into the Harvest: Halloween on Mission. Be on mission this Halloween. 7 Reasons Why Halloween Judgment Houses Miss the Mark. I always thought they were corny. Strangest Ways to Travel. I totally want one. Give us the Peculiar Grace of a Peculiar People. A prayer from Spurgeon. Religious Nerds. Too funny not to be true. Is … Continue reading thumb licks [harvest edition]

thumb lick thursday [5.19.11]

hospitality and small children I’ve been thinking about the joys and challenges of being hospitable with small children at home. Having toddlers afoot amid home and meal preparations, while expecting a large or small gathering of people, can be a challenge. So much so that many people just don’t do it much at all. But it can also be a great joy and delight. Transforming Neighborhoods … Continue reading thumb lick thursday [5.19.11]