the good God

“How can you believe in three gods?”  asks my Muslim neighbor.  It’s then that I come face to face with a common misunderstanding about God as I understand him. Recently, I was given the book, The Good God (Michael Reeves, Paternoster, UK, 2012) from a pastor friend in London, England.  It is a small book.  […]

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how to stay christian in college

How to Stay Christian in College Author(s): J. Budziszewski Publisher: Navpress Price: NO LONGER FREE DOWNLOAD TO KINDLE Going away to college can be exciting, scary, wild, or all of the above. And don’t think Christian colleges are always a failsafe alternative. As students trade home life for dorm life, they leave behind their church, their […]

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the goodness of God

The Goodness of God A book review of The Goodness of God by Randy Alcorn Why is there pain and suffering in the world? Why would a good God allow such evil to transpire on His watch? These are difficult questions that have drawn people to God or repelled them from Him. These difficult questions […]

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danger of modern day CPM’s

Danger of Modern Day CPM’s This is a review of Reaching and Teaching, by M. David Sills CPM’s is the current wave of getting the gospel quickly into unreached communities. What is a CPM? CPM stands for: Church Planting Movement. Ideally the concept is an incredible vision with the multiplication of Christ’s church blooming where […]

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