the beginnings: study of Genesis

The Beginning [Genesis 1:1-2:3] Beginning Questions [intro] Beginning Word on God [1:1-3; 2:1-3] Beginning of Everything (except God) [1:4-25] Beginning of Mankind [1:26-31; 2:4-25]   The Fall of Man: The beginning of the end [Genesis 3-4] Believing a lie from the wrong voice [3:1-6] How sin infects [3] The Consequences of Sin [3:7-24] Creations need for Reconciliation with its Creator [3:15, 21] Raising Cain: the … Continue reading the beginnings: study of Genesis

for dads and granddads

Watch your average TV sitcom and you will see dumbed down dads on display. I can think of Homer Simpson, Al Bundy, Ray Ramone, and half-dozen others who fit the role. Today expectations for men are at an all tie low. The average man—including dads and husbands—are expected to be nothing less than a remote-holding-couch-glued-family-forsaking-caveman. That might be the way of some men, but certainly … Continue reading for dads and granddads

a reunion to remember

Have you ever been to a reunion for family or school? I have been to a few. There is usually some anxiety at first, since you have not seen these faces for eons and time hasn’t made you younger, flashier, or skinnier. Usually within minutes the awkwardness fades through the laughs and retelling of old memories. The reunion of Joseph and his father is one … Continue reading a reunion to remember

life hurts. God heals.

When I was in the fourth grade I came down with a strange case of osteomyelitis—a bone marrow disease that can kill if not treated quickly. I ended up in the hospital with a 106-degree fever. I missed about 3-weeks of summer vacation, which for a 9-year old is pure-torture. Not to mention, I missed a B-52’s concert. Yeah, I know. But Love Shack was … Continue reading life hurts. God heals.

secrets of success [part 2]

We are people who collect. Some collect memorabilia. As a kid I collected thousands of sports cards and now I have boxes in storage gaining dust and I hope values. Some people collect knick-knacks. I’ve seen curio cabinets chalked full of tiny elephants, Boyd’s Bears, teacups, old books, even spoons or thimbles. Others collect compliments, cash, or cachet. While others collect power, prestige, or popularity. … Continue reading secrets of success [part 2]

secrets of success

I have only been married two-and-a-half years, but whenever Sarah and I have to spend a night apart it is a hard nights rest. I want to be with her. I do not like being alone. God has made people to need other people. People are designed for community, fellowship, and relationship with one another. I also have a God who desires to have communion, … Continue reading secrets of success