James: How Faith Works

James knew that the world detested Christians, but he also knew the Christian faith was an active world-changing faith. It was a faith at work. In other words, faith had fruits of faith (i.e. works). It was a faith that looked like Jesus, talked like Jesus, and served like Jesus. With millions of Christians suffering persecution and isolation worldwide, what letter couldn’t be more applicable … Continue reading James: How Faith Works

the best investment advice I ever received

“What set you on this course?” This was a question an aunt of mine recently asked. Since she was curious, others might be too. Therefore, I thought I’d share some of what I said to her along with insights from a little known prophet named Habakkuk. It is an encouragement to get emails from those interested in following our new course direction (or calling). I … Continue reading the best investment advice I ever received

parenting is sanctifying

I am only 11-months into being a parent. Already my little girl is teaching me many things about God: 1. Giving up rights of sleep and other freedoms are just temporary sacrifices but big opportunities to invest in a new life. Parenting is a temporary stewardship, which I think also means a temporary loss of sleep. I remember the first few days when we brought … Continue reading parenting is sanctifying

thumb licks [6.23.11]

My Problem with Love Recently, I read a Christian commentator, who had fallen heads and heels in love, trying to draw a connection between romantic love and divine love. The parallels are tempting to make, but are fundamentally erroneous. The main reason is that the modern/post-modern notion of romantic love as manifested in contemporary western culture is a far cry from the love that Christ … Continue reading thumb licks [6.23.11]

myths regarding Christians and work

Myths regarding Christians and work: 1. Going to work in a standard job makes you a “missionary.” 2. Being a vocational Christian means you’re in “the center of God’s will” (which also means nothing bad will ever happen to you.) 3. Engaging the culture means opening a fair-trade coffee shop in your city (usually called “Ekklesia”), doing something in the inner city, painting pictures, making … Continue reading myths regarding Christians and work

concise biblical theology of work

Happy, Monday! Welcome back to work! With the long work week ahead, I felt it necessary to encourage all your labors. God loves work. Did you know God has set in His Word a theology for work? Working is a good and basic part of being human in God’s world. Ever since the Garden of Eden, mankind has worked [Genesis 1:28-31]. Since, Genesis 3, work … Continue reading concise biblical theology of work