How would you describe your dream home? Maybe like you, I find myself dwelling on this question often, especially now that I am house hunting in Africa. I think about sitting in air conditioning, having a green garden with shade trees, actually staying in a place longer than 4-years, and a sizable list of other […]

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how long…?

Some people back home ask, “How long do you plan on being in Africa?” I know many of those faces we will not see for years. I don’t know how to answer that question, but my usual response is to answer, “As long as it takes.” We desire to see a mighty movement of God. […]

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thumb licks [3.14.12]

Fight sin is tiring. The gospel of art. 8 ways to protect your children from sexual abuse. 5 reasons God said “NO.” Why daylight savings time is pointless. Harold Camping admits sin and doomsday predictions. Be careful what you say to your pastor. Why imposters love church. 3 Little Pigs. If it were told today […]

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multiply: Chad

I want to encourage you to take 5-minutes and watch this short video. It is a short project that Pioneers issued to mobilize servants to consider North Africa. The couple in the video are new friends we have made during our vision trip early last year. They will only live a few hours from where […]

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pray for Sudan

This week elections are taking place in a civil war ransacked Sudan. Southern Sudan is seeking to succeed from northern Sudan. Here is what CNN has to say about what is going on right now: Several million people will decide in the next week or so whether to give birth to the world’s newest nation. […]

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spreading the fame

It is unbelievable to think that there are hundreds of people groups around this planet that do not know the name of Jesus or bowed their knee to His name. Unreached people are all around you. They might be in your family, at your work, next door to your home, or even in your church. […]

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