the best investment advice I ever received

“What set you on this course?” This was a question an aunt of mine recently asked. Since she was curious, others might be too. Therefore, I thought I’d share some of what I said to her along with insights from a little known prophet named Habakkuk. It is an encouragement to get emails from those interested in following our new course direction (or calling). I … Continue reading the best investment advice I ever received

thumb licks [3.14.12]

Fight sin is tiring. The gospel of art. 8 ways to protect your children from sexual abuse. 5 reasons God said “NO.” Why daylight savings time is pointless. Harold Camping admits sin and doomsday predictions. Be careful what you say to your pastor. Why imposters love church. 3 Little Pigs. If it were told today in today’s world. Kony 2012. I hope this movement does … Continue reading thumb licks [3.14.12]

spreading the fame

It is unbelievable to think that there are hundreds of people groups around this planet that do not know the name of Jesus or bowed their knee to His name. Unreached people are all around you. They might be in your family, at your work, next door to your home, or even in your church. In our nation you do not have as many unreached … Continue reading spreading the fame