thumb licks [9.27.12]

So you still think God is a merciful God?

Life’s little mysteries. I always wanted to know that!

10 Commandments for flying.

When God pulls the rug out.

Throw the ball like a girl.

What will Disney think of next? Their creativity reminds me of Someone else!

Some things to think about before you criticize your pastor.

3-2-1 how the Trinity teaches us the gospel:

thumb licks [9.11.12]

Why should I give it my all to teach a small Sunday School class or clean the church toilets?

Are you attracted to legalism?

How the government spends its money.

The gospel impacts your parenting.

Love is stupid.

I want this new VW bus!

Why disabilities?

Not your average Youth Group.

Top 10 blogs for women.

Worlds Greatest Drag Race