don’t waste your sports

Most people love sports. Its ingrained within the fabric of our American culture. Sports are in the Bible. The Apostle Paul spoke about sports regularly in his letters to Christian churches. If you enjoy playing sports, watching sports or have a child that plays sports you need to take an hour and sit down with your family and watch this video. See what God and … Continue reading don’t waste your sports

it takes a village [to build up a follower]

When I think about Old Europe I am drawn to the massive cathedrals. These marvelous monuments to Christendom took hundreds of years, thousands of man-hours, and millions of dollars to build. Dedicated craftsmen have embossed cathedrals with ornate artwork, colorful stain-glass, meaningful sculptures, and rich relics, which all add to the message of Scriptural themes. To this day these cathedrals are engineering marvels. The church … Continue reading it takes a village [to build up a follower]


We live in a reality-TV-crazy culture that is tenacious about flaunting personal talent. From a young age we are taught that flaunting our Talent Show skills are normal. It translates to adults with shows like American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Got Talent and a plethora of other with people seeking to get their fifteen minutes. We are talent freaks. People what … Continue reading Talented-R-Us