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We as human beings have questions. Big questions. Significant questions. Questions about life, God, and the future. Sometimes we feel alone with our questions. As a pastor, I often get questions from people inside and outside our church. These questions are real and expect real answers. I have begun a series of blog-entries that show some of these questions and seek to provide them with biblical answers.

Here is my database of real questions:

Why do you believe in God?

God if you are real why don’t you prove it?

How can three persons be one God?

How do you know the Bible is true? What makes the Bible different than any other book?

Isn’t the Bible just a fairytale?

Don’t all good people go to heaven?

Why would a God of love send anyone to Hell?

Since I am forgiven, can’t I live however I want?

Did Jesus have to die? And why did Jesus have to die?

Is there life after death?

Aren’t there many ways to God? I mean, as long as you sincere about your religion God will accept you, right?

Isn’t faith a psychological crutch?

Why is there so much suffering?

Why doesn’t God just give me a miracle?

Do you have more questions? [CHECK HERE]

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