Before you open your mouth

If you could ask God for anything right now, what would you ask? If you had one prayer to pray, what would you pray? Here is a request for prayer that hit me hard this week, “Pray for me, that words may be given to me in opening my mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in … Continue reading Before you open your mouth

watch the way you walk [study of Ephesians]

INTRO: THE JOURNEY BEGINS 1 – Entering Ephesus [1.1-2] 2 – Blessed [1.3-14] 3 – Prayer and the Power of God [1.15-23] WALKING WITH CHRIST 4 – Rags to Riches Reality [2.1-10] 5 – Reconciliation by the Way of the Cross [2.11-22] 6 – The Mystery of God Revealed [3.1-13] WALKING AS A CHURCH 7 – How to Pray for Your Church [3.14-21] 8 – … Continue reading watch the way you walk [study of Ephesians]

leaving Ephesus (marks of a servant)

When you write a letter how do you usually end it? What is your customary salutation? I suppose it depends on the kind of letter you are writing. If you are writing a love letter you’ll probably end with something mushy like, “As the sunrises or sunsets you are forever my love.” If you are writing to a friend separated by a long distance you … Continue reading leaving Ephesus (marks of a servant)

extreme makeover: work edition

The Seven Dwarfs vs. The Office Millions of viewers enjoy watching the popular television show The Office. Could it be the show is much like a real life office? How does Dunder Mifflin make any money when so many people are not doing any work? The Office is full of characters that do not take their work Monday through Friday seriously. Sadly, TGIF is the … Continue reading extreme makeover: work edition

extreme makeover: home edition

Most parents agree that they desire to have a happy house with children who are successful, financially responsible, skillful, educated, athletic and active. These are not wrong desires, but they could also distract you from God’s agenda for your home. What is God’s agenda for the home? God desires for parents to raise their children in such a way that they will lovingly, joyfully, passionately, … Continue reading extreme makeover: home edition