6 Essentials for Proclaiming the Gospel

I have read dozens of books on evangelism. I have sat in conferences and seminary level courses on how to share my faith. I have equipped churchgoers with tools to present the good news to neighbors, strangers, and foreigners. On paper, I have a lot of knowledge and experience sharing the gospel, but in reality I still feel inadequate when it comes to personal evangelism. … Continue reading 6 Essentials for Proclaiming the Gospel

Is the book of Acts descriptive or prescriptive?

Acts tells the story of how His church began and how the message Christ spread. Christians who read the book of Acts are inspired by the explosive expansion of the early church. Thousands of people were coming to Christ, people were being miraculously healed, supernatural gifts like speaking in tongues were heard, and believers preached the gospel with boldness. Honestly, many desire this kind of … Continue reading Is the book of Acts descriptive or prescriptive?

thumb licks [12.3.11]

Beholding the beauty of Christ in Wal-Mart What Tim Tebow can’t do? Some want to make him super man, but he’s not. The Devil’s playbook. And how he aims to defeat you. Lessons for the church from Joe Paterno. Listen up young and old. How to be better prepared for your next major presentation. Are you mature? Mature believers possess these 5 indicators. Man enough … Continue reading thumb licks [12.3.11]

thumb licks [9.25.11]

Baptizing Heathen Words. What words have Christians redefined? How to Get the Most Out of Your Pastor’s Preaching. 50 Rules for Dads of Daughters. As a new father for a daughter these perked my attention. Acts and Baptism: Implications for Parents. Before baptizing your children consider this. Four Steps to Kill Sin. Sinclair Ferguson tackles the mortification of sin. Homeschooling Blindspots. Some interesting insights as … Continue reading thumb licks [9.25.11]

why I love my church

This is the first day I step off the pastoral staff of Battle Ground Bible Church, but it is also the first day I step onto your mission outreach team. Although the role of my family will change within BGBC, we will still be an outreach arm linked to this church in North Africa. For the last 6-months I have been thinking about this day. … Continue reading why I love my church

study the Bible like a scribe

This week I have been trying out a new way of spending time with God in His word. It is a study process that I have often done while studying a passage to teach or preach, but it is also quite devotional. I would encourage all followers of Christ and lovers of the Scripture to try the CRA method with your family, small group, one-on-one … Continue reading study the Bible like a scribe