goulash of discipleship


Goulash is a mixture of random ingredients that make up a tasty meal. This is a recipe of random discipleship ingredients for FUEL leaders inspired by FUEL leaders.

Be a disciple that is discipling disciples and be willing to be discipled [goal, Mt.28:19-20].

We are devoted to discipleship that changes lives [core value].

You are like the One [or one] you follow. The Eastern mindset of Jesus’ day was, “Follow Me, I will show you as we do it together.” The Western mindset of today is, “Follow me as I tell you how to do it.”

You have to be creative when reaching spoon feeders and meat eater [1 Cor.3:1-4].

Discipleship is messy [especially when one doesn’t want to be discipled].

Discipleship is tough because it takes time.

Discipleship is not about information, but transformation.

Discipleship is a process, not a program.

Expect unbelievers to act like it.

Confront sin by calling it what it is.

Until you care to know them, they will know you care.

If you give an inch, they will take a mile.

“If you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried anything.”

Sharpen regularly your tools of the trade.

You are not babysitting, rather spiritual parenting.

You are a spiritual coach cheering victory in Christ.

You cannot change Christ’s child, alone.

Two words: Grace and Truth [John 1:14].

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