opulence, philanthropy, and giving

In the photo above you have a gathering of $126 billion dollars. It is probably the single richest gather in modern history. These men and women have given money and time to make the world a better place. These peoples lives are marked by giving rather than receiving. It is indeed honorable what these billionaires […]

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thumb licks [6.7.12]

Best graduation speeches. What do introverts think of church? How much do you owe mom since your birth? Is Mormonism a cult? What about a Mormon president? 10 things you have to do if you want the next generation to listen. It Is What It Is, But It Is Not What It Shall Be. Why Bible […]

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I need a job

Q: My job offers are falling through. So I might have to move my wife and kids in order to get a job. What should I do? Here is my encouragement to you as the man, husband, and father of your home: First, lead your family to a season of fasting and prayer. Maybe set […]

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I don’t feel relevant

I was in a conversation with a middle-aged lay youth leader last week. He has been serving in his church with his wife for years. He has teenagers himself. He really cares for the teenagers and goes out of his way to love them and connect them with Christ, but he still appeared a bit […]

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secrets of success

I have only been married two-and-a-half years, but whenever Sarah and I have to spend a night apart it is a hard nights rest. I want to be with her. I do not like being alone. God has made people to need other people. People are designed for community, fellowship, and relationship with one another. […]

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honor your pastor

I love the great teaching and godly leadership of Pastor Kenny Loehe. Those who know Kenny also know he proclaims the Word of God with boldness. He is not an ear tickler. He does not hold back out of fear of man or a desire to please people. He faithfully and meticulously exegetes the Word […]

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