How to Respond to Evil Authorities

How do you respond to injustice? There is within everyone a yearning to speak up, to take action, to retaliate, and to seek justice. However, when taking justice into our own hands the injustice, violence, and troubles only prolongate. Jesus provides the example and inspiration for enduring injustice and hardship. Here we learn a lot […]

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walking in obedience

What emotions stir up within you when you hear the words obedience, submission, and leadership? For many these words conger up anger, skepticism, disappointment, even rebellion. We live in a culture that bucks against authority, challenges leadership, and grumbles against submission. Yet can you imagine a world without leadership? Homes without parents leading their children. […]

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walking purely

I remember like it yesterday. The doors in the back of the church swung open wide and there walked in my bride. She was bright eyed and blazing in her white gown. It was, is and will be one of the most beautiful and purest images in my mind. There is no wonder God refers […]

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opulence, philanthropy, and giving

In the photo above you have a gathering of $126 billion dollars. It is probably the single richest gather in modern history. These men and women have given money and time to make the world a better place. These peoples lives are marked by giving rather than receiving. It is indeed honorable what these billionaires […]

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thumb licks [6.7.12]

Best graduation speeches. What do introverts think of church? How much do you owe mom since your birth? Is Mormonism a cult? What about a Mormon president? 10 things you have to do if you want the next generation to listen. It Is What It Is, But It Is Not What It Shall Be. Why Bible […]

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