I am the door

Jesus is worth beholding  He is like no other man.  He is utterly unique.  He’s fascinating.  He causes us to wonder and be amazed.  He said things that were both endearing and disturbing.  He made audacious claims.  Jesus isn’t like a presidential candidate that you can pick and choose what you like or don’t like […]

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born to forgive

Sunday at church I heard a great message about forgiveness from a familiar passage (Luke 7:36-50).  However, I fall in the trap of hearing a lot about forgiveness, but practicing it superficially. Jesus was born to forgive.  His life teaches us three things about about forgiveness: 1)  It takes compassion , 2) It is costly, […]

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challenges to conversion

Conversion is the child produced by the marriage of faith and repentance (43). In order to fully appreciate the necessity of conversion, we need to understand the depth of man’s sinfulness and the nature of the human heart to live in rebellion against God’s authority and to resist or replace His demand for singular worship. […]

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Clean. Clean. How beautiful. How free. Jesus Christ dying on a tree. Lonely. Lowly. Clean. Red blood dripping. Purity. Soldiers spitting mockingly. Black sky darkening soberly. Death of purity. Blood. Water. Clean. Hear the women crying. Thunder – paralyzing. Death purifying. Washing me clean. Poem by my wife Sarah

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