Jesus is the Greater Promise

When someone makes a promise they will often swear to keep that promised based on something like “my good name” or  “on my mother’s grave” (v.16). If they do not keep the promise then their name is on the line with the threat of their name being tarnished or trust in them diminished. “For when […]

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Jesus is the Greater Hope

Before 1849 California was declared a waste land and said to have the least resources of any place on the North American continent. That was until the gold rush. Thousands of people left family and home in the hope of striking it rich. Some did, but most didn’t. The gold rush left many more impoverished […]

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Jesus is the Greater Priest

Each of us carry a weigh of responsibility. Whether we are spouse, parent, student, or employee we have people around us or under us that can demand our care. Up until 70 AD Israel had high priest who would bear the weight of responsibility of the entire nation of Israel and plead to God on […]

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Jesus is the Greater Rest

We are busier than ever. We think to ourselves, if only there was more hours in a day. If only rest or sleep weren’t so necessary. There is always pressure to do more, to work harder, and to rest less. Our egos are boosted by what we can get done but in the process we […]

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