the good God

“How can you believe in three gods?”  asks my Muslim neighbor.  It’s then that I come face to face with a common misunderstanding about God as I understand him. Recently, I was given the book, The Good God (Michael Reeves, Paternoster, UK, 2012) from a pastor friend in London, England.  It is a small book.  […]

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thumb licks [9.27.12]

So you still think God is a merciful God? Life’s little mysteries. I always wanted to know that! 10 Commandments for flying. When God pulls the rug out. Throw the ball like a girl. What will Disney think of next? Their creativity reminds me of Someone else! Some things to think about before you criticize […]

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Trinity File

Over the past month I have been studying the Trinity. Here are all the resources in one place touching upon the theology and practicality of the Trinity: what does the Trinity teach us about relationships? portraits of the Trinity why does the Trinity matter? 3 amazing and mysterious truths about the Trinity real questions: 3 in 1?

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portraits of the Trinity

Let’s say I have a really beautiful snapshot of a rock. You might say, “Wow, that is a really interesting rock.” Yet you would not know where the snapshot was taken, why it was of a rock or for whom it was for. You come to find out that the snapshot of the rock is […]

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why does the Trinity matter?

Is the trinity a concept for people who are really intelligent like philosophers and theologians? The Trinity to many people seems like an egg-headed doctrine that is distant from the everyday lives of people. How is the Trinity important for me today? Why does the Trinity matter? Why the Trinity matters is like asking why […]

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