thumb licks [9.27.12]

So you still think God is a merciful God? Life’s little mysteries. I always wanted to know that! 10 Commandments for flying. When God pulls the rug out. Throw the ball like a girl. What will Disney think of next? Their creativity reminds me of Someone else! Some things to think about before you criticize your pastor. 3-2-1 how the Trinity teaches us the gospel: Continue reading thumb licks [9.27.12]

what does the Trinity teach us about relationships?

Within the Trinity there is both unity and diversity: unity without uniformity, and diversity without division. This unity and diversity is at the core of the great mystery of the Trinity. Unity without uniformity is baffling to our finite minds, but there are demonstrations of this truth all around us; like a symphony, the human body, ecosystems, the church, the human race, a delicious meal, … Continue reading what does the Trinity teach us about relationships?

why does the Trinity matter?

Is the trinity a concept for people who are really intelligent like philosophers and theologians? The Trinity to many people seems like an egg-headed doctrine that is distant from the everyday lives of people. How is the Trinity important for me today? Why does the Trinity matter? Why the Trinity matters is like asking why does gravity matter? Or why is oxygen all that important? … Continue reading why does the Trinity matter?

3 amazing and mysterious truths about the Trinity

I remember when I first started talking with my wife in the early days of our relationship. I wanted to know everything about her: what she loved, desired, disliked, favorite foods, most inspirational books, greatest memories, fears, and more. Our phone conversations would go on for hours, as we would learn new things about one another. I really got to know a lot about Sarah … Continue reading 3 amazing and mysterious truths about the Trinity