God is King

“God is king over the whole earth” (Zechariah 14:9; Psalm 47:7) God is King with A kingdom without natural border in the universe A domain relished the hearts of Your subjects A duration without conception or culmination A reign characterized by justice and righteousness God is King by A dominance unshakeable, regal and kind A […]

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kneel to appeal

How I wonder, where I wonder Is a place so far away A place I wish to stay And sin never causes sway. Help me show and don’t say No To life ever happy Living without tragedy And alone designed for me. Does it exist beyond our bliss Of reality this afternoon? My nativity’s evil […]

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Do I feel a lack?

This post is from my thoughtful and beautiful wife, Sarah. Do I feel a lack?  Yes, I do.  A lack that is blessed by the God of the universe.  He blesses it because He gave His Son this lack as well.  This is a lack of total goodness.  I have many good things, but all […]

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Clean. Clean. How beautiful. How free. Jesus Christ dying on a tree. Lonely. Lowly. Clean. Red blood dripping. Purity. Soldiers spitting mockingly. Black sky darkening soberly. Death of purity. Blood. Water. Clean. Hear the women crying. Thunder – paralyzing. Death purifying. Washing me clean. Poem by my wife Sarah

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Who? Who made the flowers white – more white than morning snow? Who made the sound of water and the fireflies to glow? Who put the brightness in the sun and made the moon to shine? Who put the faith that saved my soul into this heart of mine? Who shakes the mountains? Who quiets […]

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Jesus is

He is. Jesus holds me closer than a friend. He is my defender – Whose love will never end. He is all my smiles.  He is all my tears. Jesus is the truth that swallows all my fears. Jesus is my light. Jesus is my path. He it is Who carries me and pacifies God’s […]

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I’m pressed like a grape

from a good friend Hugo Butts   I’m pressed like a grape Not crushed like a stone;   I’m perplexed like the Sphinx Not in despair like grief   I’m persecuted like Jesus Not abandoned like an orphan   I am struck to my knees But my head is not hacked off   Life and […]

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