thumb licks [12.12.13]

For Teachers: On Today’s Students.

How to be a man at home.

The cure for backsliding.

5 Things to do before leaving your church.

25 bizarre facts about the world.

Greatness awaits.

Explore Middle Earth on Google.

10 things you shouldn’t say to someone in a wheelchair.

If the world were 100 people.




thumb licks [10.30.13]

The many Mysteries of Air Travel

Tips for Teaching Students.

Bargaining with God.

6 Benefits of Ordinary Daily Devotions.

Man Stole Wallet, Women Buys Groceries.

Where did the word “dude” come from?

How to pair suffering and joy?

7 Sabbath Killers

I’m a Slow Learner

The Indispensable Need for Biblical Friendships.


thumb licks [9.13.13]

5 Ways to Support the Church When you Can’t Support the Pastor.

Facts about Beards.

Must see Sights on Earth.

Dear Parents with Young Children in Church.

Removing the Ball out of Children’s Soccer Leagues.

7 Ways for Busy Mom’s to Get in the Word.

Silence is Arrogance.

thumb licks [5.16.13]

6 Ways to Serve Your Pastors Wife on Sunday

33 Eyes of Faith

4 Lies about Introverts

Photos that blend the future with the past.

20 Urban Legends in Theology.

When You are Planning on Sinning Again?

When Your Husbands Heart is Hard.

12 Benefits Of Afflictions.

Supporting missions in your church and home.


thumb licks [4.20.13]

My daughter’s Beauty.

The Danger in Talking About Why We Should be Involved in a Church.

Nebula’s in 3-D. The Creator’s art.

7 Ways to support your pastor.

Where are the honest atheists?

Godly lessons from sports.

Bigger than we think. The doctrine of Creation.

Debunking 3 common myths about the resurrection.

How to interpret Christianese.

What is Love?

thumb licks [03.09.13]

The case for early marriage. How to train youth to tie the knot.

Jesus Plus.

Amazing images of earth from space.

Are you being a burden?

How do I evangelize if I’m an introvert?

How China plans to wipe out house churches.

Like elephants, search engines never forget.

7 ways to do bad word studies.

How is your Bible reading going?

Advice for parenting young children.

What is love?

thumb licks [1.15.13]

Bible reading plans for the year.

Junk with a purpose.

I will get back to you after I find the answer and other stupid statements.

Bible 101.

Dealing with life’s interruptions.

Our generations acceptable sin.

Paper computer. This is too cool.

Training your child to leave home.

The biggest structure in the universe. I feel so small.

I don’t believe in grace.

“Nanicabo”(Family) – The Next Chapter

thumb licks [12.17.12]

Rachel weeping for her children and the massacre in CT.

Newsweek vs. New Testament.

What to do when Christmas has been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.

Thoughtful Christmas ideas for husbands.

The Hobbit: a dwarf flow chart.

School shootings and spiritual warfare.

Who was St. Nicolas?

The Golden Gate guardian.

How to watch the Hobbit.

How to guard the Sabbath for your children?

And slew the little childer.

An interesting Hobbit review.

thumb licks [12.05.12]

Good News of Great Joy, a FREE e-book for this advent.

Anti-Santy Ranty, comparing Jesus and Santa.

Why we should rejoice when God blesses others.

I once made an origami frog, but these paper animals are amazing.

Why don’t men read books?

How to read the Bible with a non-Christian.

Have you ever wondered about the origins of breakfast, lunch and diner?

7 important event in history that paved the way for the Reformation.

If you were to add up the 12-days of Christmas, this is what it would cost.

The Story of the Innkeeper:

thumb licks [9.27.12]

So you still think God is a merciful God?

Life’s little mysteries. I always wanted to know that!

10 Commandments for flying.

When God pulls the rug out.

Throw the ball like a girl.

What will Disney think of next? Their creativity reminds me of Someone else!

Some things to think about before you criticize your pastor.

3-2-1 how the Trinity teaches us the gospel:

thumb licks [9.11.12]

Why should I give it my all to teach a small Sunday School class or clean the church toilets?

Are you attracted to legalism?

How the government spends its money.

The gospel impacts your parenting.

Love is stupid.

I want this new VW bus!

Why disabilities?

Not your average Youth Group.

Top 10 blogs for women.

Worlds Greatest Drag Race

thumb licks [9.3.12]

Is Proverbs 22:6 a guarantee?

How the 50 States got their names.

Ministry: it’s not about you.

Sin wants to be your friend.

If snack labels told the truth.

Somethings we can learn from suffering.

10 happiest jobs. I knew it!

What is a Sikh?

Why is love so stupid?

Warsaw remembering the Holocaust:

thumb licks [8.22.12]

10 Tips on Solving Mysterious Bible Passages from Sherlock Holmes.

How to make the most of your mornings.

Glass Beach: a story of how God uses trash.

How reading literature can aid your worship.

How should your church respond to tragedy?

How to fold fitted sheets. I’ve always wanted to know this.

How to pray for your pastor.

Is it true Jesus never said anything about same sex marriage?

Lessons from the brain surgeon’s office: looking out the window at the top of my head.

Quick history of Mormonism:

thumb licks [7.4.12]

When Are We Going to Grow Up? The Juvenilization of American Christianity.

How big is the Universe? BIG! (check out this infographic).

One indispensable rule for using social media.

Cheesiest man cave. If I weren’t a Christian, I might be this man.

16 Ways to find a wife according to the Bible.

How cereal transformed American Culture.

Dirty Car slide show. Car wash lately?

Jarrod Dyson, Rollie Fingers, and How We View the World.

Get rich slow. Biblical bean counting.

Generous Testimony.

thumb licks [6.7.12]

Best graduation speeches.

What do introverts think of church?

How much do you owe mom since your birth?

Is Mormonism a cult? What about a Mormon president?

10 things you have to do if you want the next generation to listen.

It Is What It Is, But It Is Not What It Shall Be.

Why Bible study doesn’t transform us?

The Real Avenger.

The gospel for those who’ve grown up in church.

Muslim Unreached People Groups.