thumb licks [4.20.13]

My daughter’s Beauty. The Danger in Talking About Why We Should be Involved in a Church. Nebula’s in 3-D. The Creator’s art. 7 Ways to support your pastor. Where are the honest atheists? Godly lessons from sports. Bigger than we think. The doctrine of Creation. Debunking 3 common myths about the resurrection. How to interpret Christianese. What is Love? Continue reading thumb licks [4.20.13]

thumb licks [1.15.13]

Bible reading plans for the year. Junk with a purpose. I will get back to you after I find the answer and other stupid statements. Bible 101. Dealing with life’s interruptions. Our generations acceptable sin. Paper computer. This is too cool. Training your child to leave home. The biggest structure in the universe. I feel so small. I don’t believe in grace. “Nanicabo”(Family) – The … Continue reading thumb licks [1.15.13]