thumb licks [10.13.11]

A sample prayer plan. For those of you who like to have it really spelled out. Forgiveness is a ridiculous thing. A smart lessons from The Tale of Despereaux. Sin is cosmic Treason. Startling truth from R.C. Sproul. Managing social media before it manages you. Addicted to facebook, twitter, or google+? Honor your missionaries. I […]

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thumb licks [10.5.11]

God: where are you? A good article when you feel as if God is distant. Death Interrupted. What does the gospel say amidst the death penalty issue? Signs you need to grow-up. Road signs towards adulthood. The Clarion Call to Watered Down Evangelicalism. The Sinful Tragedy of Boredom. Bored yet? 4 Kinds of people in […]

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the uncool Jesus

Is it politically or even spritially correct to say that I don’t like Christian bookstores? Marketing the Christian faith is silly. Do you think Jesus could imagine His image of clothing, bobble-head doll, iTunes, a superstar Broadway show, and crucifix’s. Nothing fires me up more than a walk through a over-advertised faith-based bargain bonanza. I […]

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a buffet of bratwursts (and a list of all my favorite diners, drive-ins, and dives)

This weekend I had the glorious opportunity to visit a local restaurant by the name of Schmidt Haus in German Village of Columbus, Ohio. There was a buffet of bratwurst, half-dozen array of amazing sausages, potatoes salads, sour kraut and red cabbage. For dessert we had a half-pound cream puff. It was though I had […]

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