what God asks of you

A good friend recently asked me, “If someone becomes a Christian can he hide it?”  That is a good question.  How would you answer that? I paused for a long moment before answering.  At first I responded by answering, “Yeah, he can hide, but not for long if he really is a Christian.”  Then I […]

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purpose of pain

The deepest pain we experience is often inflicted by people, especially those who we care for the most. The closer we are to people the more vulnerable we are to be hurt and wounded. Not just physically (cf. 2 Corinthians 11:23-27), but emotionally (11:28-29). People can disappoint, reject, abuse, slander, fail, betray, or turn on […]

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Emily’s Journey

She had a spark the first time I met her. Emily Ristau was a young seventh grade girl when we first met. Our first encounter was in the church lobby. It was memorable mostly because I opened my mouth and out flew a Freudian Slip (and no, I won’t go into those details). So, I […]

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the long silence

John Stott’s, The Cross of Christ is a rather filling and satisfying read, if you are looking for a book to bring you back to Jesus again. I recently turned the last page wanting more. Near the end of the book he includes a playlet by unknown author John McNeil entitled, The Long Silence. After a […]

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thumb licks [9.3.12]

Is Proverbs 22:6 a guarantee? How the 50 States got their names. Ministry: it’s not about you. Sin wants to be your friend. If snack labels told the truth. Somethings we can learn from suffering. 10 happiest jobs. I knew it! What is a Sikh? Why is love so stupid? Warsaw remembering the Holocaust:

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How God uses Suffering

The cross and the resurrection are the ultimate answer to suffering. And we really can trust the good purposes of God in suffering to make us more like Jesus. 1. God uses suffering to teach us His Word. Suffering makes us more receptive to God’s transforming Word. “Though the word and the Spirit do the […]

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