daughters, daddy’s, and God’s glory

I have three little jewels. They came to me as blessed gifts from above.  Each jewel has unique facets and glimmer with unending beauty.  Their beauty rises from within and shines throughout, mixing the temporal and eternal.  I simply enjoy holding my jewels and can look at them for hours upon hours.  I cherish them.  I take time to let them know how much I … Continue reading daughters, daddy’s, and God’s glory

Lessons for parents from Jesus’ parents

We don’t often think of Jesus being a child, teenager, or even a tween, but He was one. I suppose the reason is that there isn’t a lot of material written about Jesus’ childhood between His birth and late-twenties. What was it like to parent a young Jesus? Perfect right? No tension, no discipline, no disappointment. Well, not exactly. Jesus had a moment of tension, … Continue reading Lessons for parents from Jesus’ parents

bringing the gospel home (book review)

I ordered this book out of curiosity. Sharing the gospel with family is tough! First, I have unsaved family members that I really desire to share the gospel with, but direly fall short of doing regularly. I really love and care for them and want to see them in heaven someday too. This is a book on evangelism that hits close to home. Second, there … Continue reading bringing the gospel home (book review)

for men, fathers, and future fathers

Us men always need words to build up and cheer us on towards godliness and manliness. Here are a list of articles and books I’ve enjoyed reading or studying: No more ties, please! For dads and granddads. A brief guide to biblical manhood. 5 dangers for young men. Where have all the good men gone? Walter on being a dad & how men look. Real … Continue reading for men, fathers, and future fathers

thumb licks [4.9.11]

Parenting: how eternity shapes the mundane. Not so fast. The sometimes slow and steady process of sanctification. The importance of writing letters. Praying past our preferred outcomes. Forget Kevlar, use liquid armor. This stuff is sweet! 15 grammar goofs that make you look silly. Love is… (for you married folk) Lottery is a suicidal craze. Funny comments to the mega millions winner. Dirt. Not your … Continue reading thumb licks [4.9.11]