Dear Mom

It was 1980.  Your life would forever be changed.  You were just a teenage girl with an entire life ahead of you.  I can’t imagine the thoughts or temptations you faced in those first months after finding out you were pregnant. I am grateful you decided to be my mom. Our early days were simple […]

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thumb licks [9.3.12]

Is Proverbs 22:6 a guarantee? How the 50 States got their names. Ministry: it’s not about you. Sin wants to be your friend. If snack labels told the truth. Somethings we can learn from suffering. 10 happiest jobs. I knew it! What is a Sikh? Why is love so stupid? Warsaw remembering the Holocaust:

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thumb licks [4.9.11]

Parenting: how eternity shapes the mundane. Not so fast. The sometimes slow and steady process of sanctification. The importance of writing letters. Praying past our preferred outcomes. Forget Kevlar, use liquid armor. This stuff is sweet! 15 grammar goofs that make you look silly. Love is… (for you married folk) Lottery is a suicidal craze. […]

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