meet the taters

The Tater’s family are a memorable family. I was introduced to the highly dysfunctional Tater family and their ongoing saga through Travis Huseby at Checkpoint Bible Camp. Here is a glimpse of the Tater Family: Uncle Common Tater He is no common Tater!? Common has the gift of gab. He makes a living in broadcasting and is good at communicating. He is certainly a chatter … Continue reading meet the taters


Wow, I am still trying to catch up on sleep from Shakamak Bible Camp this past week!! All I can say is AWESOME. That word totally gets over used and has diminished in value, but it truly expresses who God is and what He accomplished this week at Camp. Great speakers: Pink Davis delivered some passionate theology in the AM on redemption, reconciliation, and regeneration. … Continue reading shakamak

Remember K.E.I.T.H.

I remember working at a camp a few summers back. They had this slogan, “Remember KEITH”. I always thought it was silly until I heard the story behind it. Keith was your normal bouncing off the wall kid that you wanted to hang by his undies from the flag pole. Even though you never could have because of stupid CPS laws, you treated him different … Continue reading Remember K.E.I.T.H.