thumb licks [7.4.12]

When Are We Going to Grow Up? The Juvenilization of American Christianity. How big is the Universe? BIG! (check out this infographic). One indispensable rule for using social media. Cheesiest man cave. If I weren’t a Christian, I might be this man. 16 Ways to find a wife according to the Bible. How cereal transformed American Culture. Dirty Car slide show. Car wash lately? Jarrod … Continue reading thumb licks [7.4.12]

thumb licks [8.16.11]

Can We Be Good without God? Yes, of course.  But can you explain what morality is and where it comes from without God? That’s the key problem for an atheist worldview.  Craig Hazen explains in this Biola Magazine article.  Here’s the conclusion… How the Gospel Makes Us Generous and Content with Our Money I’m afraid the framing of this discussion leads us to ask the … Continue reading thumb licks [8.16.11]

thumb lick thursday [5.5.11]

What if I have a conflict with my spouse Sunday morning before church? I wish I could answer this from a hypothetical perspective.  I cannot.  In fact, I have fresh experience from which to write this post. There are significant implications for the pastor and his wife who have a conflict that goes unresolved leading into the Sunday morning service.  Ours started on a Saturday night.  In a … Continue reading thumb lick thursday [5.5.11]

extreme makeover: work edition

The Seven Dwarfs vs. The Office Millions of viewers enjoy watching the popular television show The Office. Could it be the show is much like a real life office? How does Dunder Mifflin make any money when so many people are not doing any work? The Office is full of characters that do not take their work Monday through Friday seriously. Sadly, TGIF is the … Continue reading extreme makeover: work edition