lambeau leap

Sarah and I went attended our very first professional football game on Monday Night. We ventured up to the Frozen Tundra of Green Bay Wisconsin to watch our favored Packers beat the Baltimore Ravens, 27-14. It was a balmy 13 degrees in Lambeau Field, but that is normal for America’s Dairyland this time of year. […]

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This is a movie review: The name Bella means beautiful. As one watches this movie they find two characters whose lives are anything but beautiful. First, there is Jose is a scruffy character that hasn’t been the same since a tragic accident that ended his promising soccer career. He becomes the head chef at his […]

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3:10 to Yuma

This is a movie review: This is a remake of a 1957 Western. Dan Evans (Christian Bale), is just a man trying to make a life for his family. His life is one step away from crumbling to nothing: He’s down a leg, his son Mark suffers from chronic respiratory problems, his ranch and only […]

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What kinds of movies, TV, music, books, etc., can a Christian enjoy and still be honoring to God? No other issue has been the source of more debate and friction between Christians in our media-saturated and pleasure-seeking society. This issue has been the source of so many legalistic rules in an attempt to keep Christians […]

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The Last Christian

Tonight, I bought and watched “The Last Samurai”. I didn’t catch this when I saw it in the theatre, but Samurai means “servant”. A samurai was a warrior, protector and servant to the emperor of the Japanese kingdom. They spent 1200 years perfecting their art. Today, the samurai is no more. They are have become […]

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