a concise theology of art

Art moves. Art has the innate ability to captivate your thoughts and stir your emotions. Art encompasses all of your life and the world in which you live. You cannot step outside your home or inside your home without taking in some kind of artistic expression. What is art? What is good art? What is the origin of art? creativity and beauty is in the … Continue reading a concise theology of art

thumb lick thursday [4.21.11]

Parenting Daughter’s I am only 5 months into parenting a new born daughter. Already I am thinking about that day when I will give her away to a future husband. In preparation for that day Dave Bruskas shares some practical insights about leading his daughter well in the dating season of life. One thing a parent should never say Is there a method of parenting that … Continue reading thumb lick thursday [4.21.11]

limits, sleep, gospel song

Limits It is okay for me to have limits–God doesn’t. It is okay to get a good nights sleep–God doesn’t sleep. It is okay for me to rest–God doesn’t need to. We don’t know a lot about what heaven looks like, but this much we know: God is not pacing the throne room anxious and depressed because of the condition of the world. He knows, … Continue reading limits, sleep, gospel song

spiritual vitality, cross and tongue, peace of mind

spiritual vitality When people lose their global vision, they begin to lose their spiritual vitality. And of course all this affects their values. – Tom Julien, Antioch Revisited, 23. cross and tongue When the message of the Cross captures our hearts and captivates our imaginations, our tongues, stammering, halting, insulting, awkward, sarcastic, imperfect as they may be, won’t be far behind. As Jesus said, “Out … Continue reading spiritual vitality, cross and tongue, peace of mind

The Gift of Worship

Worship Worship s a huge thing. We look forward to worship every week. When the music includes one of our favorites, we say, “The worship was great!” When the music stinks, we yawn and wonder why the worship wasn’t very good. We leave churches because of the “worship style”. Worship s a huge thing.    Have you ever wondered if we’re more concerned with what … Continue reading The Gift of Worship