the gospel without borders

Gospel and missions, which go together like macaroni and cheese. The gospel is simultaneously at work in us and through us. Inwardly, our desires and motives are being changed as we repent and believe the gospel. As we are moved by Christ’s love in this way, we are compelled to outwardly engage those around us […]

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a short story of the gospel

1. Where sin came from. Holy creator God. Righteous Judge. He created angels (including Satan). Satan was prideful and wanted to be god (Is.14:13-14), but instead became and enemy of God and was cast from heaven. 2. How we became the children of Satan. God created heavens and earth and mankind. Adam and Eve were […]

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from unknown to renown

Today 2.6 billion people are completely unreached with the gospel. They do not have a church or gospel message in their midst. Nearly 4 billion people are unengaged by the gospel. Meanwhile the world’s major religions—Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam—are making inroads along with a variety of cults and New Age philosophies. People are not shy […]

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thumb licks [10.21.11]

What’s a good question? How to evoke curiosity the right way. The gospel or Justice, which? Balancing the mission of the church. In defense of Disney princesses. The benefits are more than just their beauty. Three rules for polemics. Tim Keller weighs in on a debated issue. The world is built on discipline.  An open […]

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