thumb licks [4.26.12]

Is the internet ruining your brain? How to deal with the loss of a spouse. That’s not fair. Sweet gadgets for the one percent who can afford them. Do pets go to heaven? 10 of the most difficult theological issues Christians must face today. How to lead a child to Christ? The secret life of plankton. So small but so great. More than just Christmas. Continue reading thumb licks [4.26.12]

thumb licks [4.9.11]

Parenting: how eternity shapes the mundane. Not so fast. The sometimes slow and steady process of sanctification. The importance of writing letters. Praying past our preferred outcomes. Forget Kevlar, use liquid armor. This stuff is sweet! 15 grammar goofs that make you look silly. Love is… (for you married folk) Lottery is a suicidal craze. Funny comments to the mega millions winner. Dirt. Not your … Continue reading thumb licks [4.9.11]

thumb licks [1.27.11]

5 Ways Wives Can Encourage Their Husbands. An Open Letter to Christian Wives with Unbelieving Husbands. 20 Things a Husband Could Say to Defuse an Argument with His Wife. Don’t Know How To Act When Someone Corrects You? Your Worries Are Over! How to Honor your wife. Treating your woman like a queen. Parenting Wisdom 101. Straight from Proverbs. What Does God Want From Me? … Continue reading thumb licks [1.27.11]

thumb lick [1.14.12]

3 Things You Need to Know about Sin Community idolatry. Are chasing false gods together? 8-idol shattering questions. Abandoned by God. What to do when you feel alone or forsaken. Benefits of sorrow. My dream vacation: move, learn, eat. Nearer Heaven: a great 30-day devotional. Religious views of 20-somethings. Books on Christians and politics. It’s amazing what artist can do with books, mailboxes, and more … Continue reading thumb lick [1.14.12]