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I am a follower of Jesus.

I am nothing without my Creator, Sustainer and Savior.

I aim to spread the fame of the Name (Psalm 145:7).

I am a smitten hubby and daddy to four minis.

I am a shepherd of people and a global servant in Africa.



Good reads, flicks, Africa, eclectic music, board games, and mowing the lawn.

Walks in the woods (and on the beach), talking to strangers, eating at unique restaurants, and throwing a Frisbee.

Studying trees, doodling, and poetry when wowed.


I broke my nose 5+ times. Highlighting my Polish character.

I collect rocks from all over the world. I own a cheesehead.

I do not like grapefruit, but I like Swedish Fish and candy raisins.

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11 thoughts on “about

  1. Hey, Justin!!
    We just got your email with the address change and I thought I would check out your site. I thought you might like to check out wbcyouthreunion.wordpress.com. I don’t know if you’ve heard anything about it yet, but you might know how to contact some of the people we are missing info for. We will be sending out a mailing soon, so the more addresses we have, the better. Spread the word!!!

    ~ Johann

  2. Justin,
    Looking at your DR08 info and really enjoyed it, and was particularly proud of you, my grandson. Have you sent this out to anyone else in the family? Let me know that. Happy all went well and that you are serving the Lord in such a marvelous way. Gramps

  3. Dale sent this to me. Enjoyed the video. Besides spreading Christianity you looked like you had fun. What great experiences you are having. We were always taught God loves a cheerful giver-that is you!

  4. hey Pastor Hutts
    you are a special person to Darrell and the boys and me as well thank you for all you do and I enjoy your corny jokes Brenda Miller

  5. hey justin I went to camp this year and heard u speak let me just tell you that when I was witnessing to my freinds throughout the week It was amaing the way you talk about th same things in your messages that I would talk about with my freinds I dot want to use manes but if you woud want to no the hole story you have m email when I told you that ur messages helped me alot the really did and I just wanted to say that again Thanks for taking that week to come out and share your time and lessons with us

    MATT S.

  6. Hey, Missions week October 13th-16th, hope you can make it, I could really use the free meal. 😀 lol jus playing. But Hope you can make it, I don’t know who all will be there, but it should be a good lineup no matter what.

  7. Hi Justin…We decided to check out your website today and realized once again what a special man you are. So proud to have you in our lives. Just wondering when you, Sarah & Justus will be traveling to Africa. We wish you the best. Be safe in your continued effort to spread the word. We are so proud of you. Much Love Always, Auntie Kathy & Uncle Alan.

  8. We were looking for an acrostic for our work day and found your blog with acrostics. Do you mind if we use RETRO or VISION as a theme for our workday? thanks.

  9. Want to get your permission to use your picture “Jesus trials and Joy’ for an gospel tract. Thanks

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