Jesus Calls you to a Greater Faith

An arrogant Christian is an oxymoron. A Christian has no room to boast in himself. Rather that is reserved for Jesus. There is little difference between arrogance and confidence. The difference is the attitude. An arrogant person boasts in his ability while a confident person simply acts. A Christian can be confident because of Christ. […]

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12 Reasons Why Jesus is Greater

Here are 12 reasons why Jesus is greater from the book of Hebrews: 1. Jesus is the Greater Messenger than angels (1:2-14) 2. Jesus has the Greater Message than angels (2:1-4) 3. Jesus is Greater Prophet than Moses (3:1-6) 4. Jesus is Greater High Priest than Aaron (4:14-5:5) 5. Jesus is Greater priesthood than Melchizedek […]

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Jesus is the Greater Sacrifice

Everywhere you look there are symbols and icons. The symbols point us to something recognizable. For example, when a person hungry and driving through town they will look for their favorite icon that represents fast food. The icon may look like a girl in red pig tails, a bell, or even golden arches. Or when […]

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