why does the Trinity matter?

Is the trinity a concept for people who are really intelligent like philosophers and theologians? The Trinity to many people seems like an egg-headed doctrine that is distant from the everyday lives of people. How is the Trinity important for me today? Why does the Trinity matter?

Why the Trinity matters is like asking why does gravity matter? Or why is oxygen all that important? Or do we really need to know anything about anything? I remember sitting in Algebra as a high-school student and thinking to myself, “Is this at all practical?” Indeed, it is practical. For without mathematics the very school building I was sitting in would not have been architected, planes could not fly, time and space could not be measured.

Just because something does not matter to you does not mean it does not matter. In fact, many things we do not think about matter. Imagine you stepped onto an airplane and the stewardesses did not give a safety talk before the plane took off. You would not know what to do in an emergency. If there is information about God that is important shouldn’t we seek to know and understand Him? Why does the Trinity matter?

The Trinity strengthens our relationship with God.

Can you really love something you do not know much about? This is a good question to consider. Take something you love and test it [write a list of things you love]. I love cheese. I am not an expert coinsure on cheese, but I have grown up in Wisconsin, I’ve tasted many kinds of cheeses, I have friends who work in cheese factories that cut cheese for a living, therefore, I know cheese and can appropriately love it. As lame of an illustration as that is the things we love we often learn, study, consume, relate to, experience, and take time and energy to know and understand. This in turn strengths our love and affection for it. To love God is to know and grow daily in all His ways.

God desires us to know and understand Him [Jeremiah 9:23-24; John 16:7-15]. That’s why He was given us His Word. Knowing God might not be the priority of every human being, at least right now, but it we will all one day come to the realization that knowing God is what matters the most.

The Trinity is not about ME.

I cannot wrap my melon around the scope of the Trinity, but that does not mean the Trinity does not exist. Just because I cannot fully understand something does not nix it from being real or truth.

We live in a me-centered culture that thinks everything revolves around “me”. You can spend an entire day thinking about yourself, but oblivious to the realities surrounding you. Like people prior to Galileo concluded our world was flat, but in reality it is a globe. We must face the truth that human beings are part of a larger cosmos that God created, sustains and revolves solely around Him. He is the blazing center of our universe. Man is on earth a blip on the radar screen of history, but God remains eternally. God does not exist to meet our needs, nor did He create us because He was lonely and needed little friends to keep Him company. He did not save man by sending Christ so that we could be with Him forever. Eternity exists so that we can know God—the Trinity [John 17:3].

The Trinity shows the uniqueness of Christianity.

Christianity is not like other world religions. It’s not even kind of the same. Not all religions believe in the same God [that is a contradictory statement]. It is radically different than all world religions. What separates Christianity from other belief systems? According to Christianity God became man [Matthew 1:18-23]. This God-man became the sacrifice for man’s sin. At Christianity’s core the Trinity—God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit—is unique to Christianity. Without the Trinity Christianity is dead. That truth alone helps me to understand that the Trinity matters.

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