joyful Justus

Today my baby girl surprised us all by growing way too fast. As of 4:30am this morning she has breathed 365 days on this earth. Each of those days have been a joy and blessing. Here is a letter Justus’ mom and I wrote for her today,

Dear Justus,

We are so glad that you are our first baby girl.  God has used you to teach us about Himself, and He has blessed us with joy through you.  We pray often that you will come to know Him and that You will love His truth. This last year has gone by really fast, which is a simple reminder that you’re going to be an adult before we know it. Some of the characteristics that God is shaping in you even now are: a gentle spirit, a love for His creation, and an obedient heart. Your smile blows us away.  We hope these things continue to shape your life and are culminated by God’s Spirit in your salvation.

The last three months have not been easy for you since we’ve been traveling on the road and introducing you to  alot of strangers.  You’ve slept in so many places, and we hope you understand that as we prepare to raise you in a strange land, it is God’s power that we depend on and He will accomplish His purposes.

Some of the fun memories with you this year have been: flying to North Africa and taking a bumpy car ride,  going to the beach with Gramp, Nana, aunts, uncles, and cousin Lyla, visiting the zoo in Indy and Green Bay, and seeing you take your first steps at the Ristau’s house.

You have done turkey calls, learned to give kisses, and become obsessed with ducks (first at the Houchen’s house) this year.  We found out some special news on your special day. We can’t wait to see what God will do next year! Happy first Birthday!


Mom and Dad

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