for men, fathers, and future fathers

Us men always need words to build up and cheer us on towards godliness and manliness. Here are a list of articles and books I’ve enjoyed reading or studying:

No more ties, please!

For dads and granddads.

A brief guide to biblical manhood.

5 dangers for young men.

Where have all the good men gone?

Walter on being a dad & how men look.

Real men don’t complain. They fix.

4 phases of raising boys.

Dads 1:7 – Defusing Anger.

A Civil War soldiers letter to his wife.

6 ways fathers pursue Christ in their fatherhood.


2 thoughts on “for men, fathers, and future fathers

  1. There are no good men because parents raise perpetual children. Give them loads of toys all the time and constantly buy them things and treat them like pets. Let them make all the decisions. Never teach them to help around the house.

    1. Children often mimic their parents. But could it be too absolute to say there are “no good parents”? And what defines a good/bad parent?

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