marriage is sanctifying

A friend recently asked me, “What are you learning now that you’re married?” Without hesitation the first thought that came to my mind, “I am very selfish.” It hasn’t taken long for me to realize how selfish I am. Marriage has a good way of purifying you from selfishness and pride. Marriage is sanctifying.

Another friend who has been married for 3 years said to me that the process of dealing with pride doesn’t get any easier with time. Note this sometimes true-to-life chronology of thought within marriage:

  • 1st year of marriage: “I am so selfish. Would you forgive me?”
  • 2nd year of marriage: “I know I’m selfish, but I have rights you know!”
  • 3rd year of marriage: “Sure I am selfish. Who do you think you are?”

I hope that I continue to be a man that is willing to swallow my pride and love my wife. A wise man once said, If you remain obedient to God you will always be on your honeymoon.

4 thoughts on “marriage is sanctifying

  1. Well said, Hutts!
    So good to catch up on your life via your blog—I smile and marvel at what God is doing through your lives together.

    Keep pressing on—you are inspiration fro many, including myself.

    Love you brother!

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