liar liar pants on fire


What do you say when you are in sticky situation? What do you say when you really want to impress someone? What do you say when you are caught in the act or confronted with your actions?

The Ninth Commandment: “Do not lie.” (Exodus 20:16) We can be incredible liars. Let’s expose the multiple layers of lying:

1. Rock Star Lying—this is when we lie accomplishments and act like we know celebrities, athletes, people in high places, or rock stars. Fact: you really aren’t all that! It doesn’t matter who you know or what you have done. This is not where our sense of self comes from, rather it comes from knowing Christ and what He has done for you (less of me, more of God).

2. Payback Lying—this is when someone has hurt us and we lie to hurt them in return (revenge). When you know one small factoid or nugget of truth do you use that for your advantage? Twisting the truth for your gain is gossip and slander. It is sin.

3. Convenience Store Lying—this is when we lie for convenient reasons. Do you lie to get out of things? Do you commit to things you never intend to do? Saying, “Sure, I’ll be there for the ___.” “I will help you ___” “I will pray for you.” This is a quick way to gaining the reputation of being insincere or uncommitted (hypocritical).

4. Fire Escape Lying—this is when we lie when the heat is on or the pressure is on. What do you say when you are up against the wall or when you feel the fire? Do you look for the fire escape (excuse: dog ate it)?

5. Silly Puddy Lying—this is when we stretch or exaggerate things. We embellish the story to make it more interesting. We make our role you more fascinating and show stopping. Soon your exaggerated stories will find you out.

6. Addictive Lying—this is when you lie because all you know is a lie. You have lied for so long that you now have to build on your lies. You are addicted to lies because you are trapped in living a lie.

So what can we do stop the sin of lying?

1. Speak the truth. The Truth will set you free (John 8:32). There is a reason that Christ is named the Truth (Jn.14:6).

2. Think about what you are saying. Am I exaggerating? Am I speaking the truth? And I committed to what I say? Have I lie to God?

3. Seek forgiveness. If you have lied to someone or God…go to them and seek their forgiveness and restoration.

4. Seek a lie-detector. Have a find that loves you, and whom you trust keep you accountable. Ask them to confront you when they see you lying. Be humble and appreciate their words.

5. Rely upon God. The Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth (John 16:13). Bow down to Christ and let Him rule in your heart and mind.

One day our sins will be uncovered. Our little white lies will look like huge black ink blots. God will reveal them, and we will be exposed for who we really are. Our sin will either draw us to God our separate us from Him. Do you know Him? Has He forgiven you? Have you asked Christ to come into your live to restore your relationship with Him? You can do this today!!


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