the beginning of everything (except God)

In the comedic book, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams everyone is on the quest to find the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. A super computer is built, named Deep Thoughts, to calculate the answer, but it must take 7.5 million years to compute. The great day arrives and the world awaits its answer. And the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is, 42. Not the answer they were looking for. Deep Thoughts answers their disgruntlement, “So once you do know what the question actually is, you’ll know what the answer means.” Then Deep Thoughts suggests they build a computer, named Earth, to calculate the right question. The question will take another 10 million years, but a bypass is being built that just demolished earth. So long and thanks for all the fish.[1]

You do not have to build a super computer or search the worlds end to find the answer to the origins of life, the universe and everything. Genesis tell you a lot about the originator, and its origins. First, God created everything with order to reflect His character. Check out the precision and order to the days of God’s creation:

Day Day of the Week What God Made More Details Interesting Tidbits
1 Sunday [Forming] light and darkness The light rose and set. [Sun? Not sure.] Sunday is the same day Jesus rose from the dead. Jesus is the illumination of Heaven.
2 Monday [Forming] sky and waters separated Water in the sky, water in the clouds, water in the middle, and water below. In Genesis, God separates things by His Word. God does not say Monday is good!?
3 Tuesday [Forming] dry ground and waters separated Land and seas. God made things grow on Tuesday. Land appears 400 times in Genesis. Important. Also, you plant seeds in ground and grow with water. Seed is a key word in Genesis too.
4 Wednesday [Filling] sun, moon, stars (lights separated in Heaven) 2 lights. Great light: Sun. Lesser light: moon. How did God create light without the sun, moon and stars on Day 1?
5 Thursday [Filling] fish and birds God created things to swim in the water and fly in the sky. God is preparing man’s real-estate to be lived in. God blesses [v.22; 40x’s in Genesis]
6 Friday [Filling] animals and man, plants and trees God puts all the animals together in order [i.e. livestock/farm]. God gives the animals to man to use to help with work.
7 Saturday rest Sleep; day off from work to worship Days are for working and evenings are for sleeping.

Did God really need 6-days to create everything? It is just like asking the question, if God got tired after creating everything? No. God could have created everything in the blink of an eye or the snap of a finger, but He chose 6-days to demonstrate the week of work and need for day of rest. God made all this great stuff before He made you. He desires to take care of you from the get go. What a great God!

Second, without an understanding of Genesis 1-2, you cannot understand Genesis 3 and beyond. Without understanding how good God created everything, you cannot completely grasp what happens in the rest of the Bible.

Third, creation is a theme found throughout the Bible. You will see the notion of creation pop up other places in the Bible. It all starts in Genesis with God creating all things. Later in the Bible, Jesus Christ comes as the Savior of mankind, redeeming His creation. Those who believe in Him become new creations. Even later in the Bible, following the second coming of Jesus Christ, the idea of creation will reappear with the creation of a new heavens and new earth that are not stained with sin. God loves to create.

Fourth, since God created everything, everything is under his authority. You are responsible and accountable as a creation to your Creator. Why should I obey God? He made you. He owns you. He holds the deed to your life. You can still choose not to believe or obey, even create your own gods to worship, but that does not erase the fact that He is God and you are not. He owns your life, and you owe Him your life. Since, He is the authority everything will give account to Him. It is best to obey Him today than tomorrow.

[1] Douglas Adams, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy,Portland House, New York, NY. 1997. 117-122


5 thoughts on “the beginning of everything (except God)

  1. ok first off douglas adams was a very out spoken atheist …. the fact that you religious morons keep telling everyone jesus is the answer as you said above “jesus is the illumination of heaven.” so um ok … its like me telling you that 42 is the illumination of heaven… get the point? the whole HHGTTG is making fun of religion …. or did you not understand that when they talked about the Great Green Arkleseizure and the coming of the white handkerchief

    if you seem to have forgotten here let me remind you

    “Creator of the universe as claimed by adherents of the faith on planet Viltvodle VI. Their legend has it that the universe was sneezed out of the nose of the Great Green Arkleseizure, and they thus “live in perpetual fear of the time they call ‘The Coming of the Great White Handkerchief.'””

    please stop spreading your bullshit fairy tales as truth to gullible people …. maybe pick up a science book and put down the fables written by bronze age cattle sacrificing men who lived in tents who couldn’t explain thunder in the dark and thought that lightning was an invisible space mans wrath ….

    grow up imaginary friends are for children

    1. Kenny,

      First, I am a big fan of the ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe” series and the BBC recordings. It’s pee-in-your-pants hilarious. I am well aware it is satire that directly takes shots at British politics and the institutionalized religion. Though I am a Christian, I enjoy literature (from Fyodor Dostoyevsky to Dr. Seuss), even if it comes from a so called atheist. Douglas Adams and I differ in worldview and we look at the same issues differently too. When it comes to science, there is a lot to be learned and still a lot that is nebulous. No pun intended. The beauty of the universe is that there is a lot to explore.

      Second, since there is a comment section on this blog you have freedom to share as you like. But to offend ones beliefs is not the best way to win an argument. To call someone’s beliefs “bullshit” or “stupid” is an elementary playground response. I would much rather us discuss your points of disagreement than dismiss it all as fairytale.

      Third, I would encourage you to crack a copy of the Bible again and read for yourself what some call a fairytale. You might be surprised what you hear and it might change your perspective on Jesus. You might find, “men who lived in tents” But you probably won’t find, “who couldn’t explain thunder in the dark and thought that lightning was an invisible space mans wrath.” Although, I have to admit, that is a funny depiction of Old Testament.

      1. “So called atheist”

        Your assumptions and strawman show just how weak your position is.

        Explain what is a “so called atheist”

        “To offend one’s beliefs”

        We need to stop this culture where people think being offended I’d dine type of valid view point. You’re offended so fucking what? It’s a special pleading and has no basis to be accepted as a valid view point.

        If someone asks me to hold my tongue at their religious atrocities they are not asking for tolerance they are demanding submission. if you find it offensive … May I remind you of the atrocities that Christianity has spread like, the dark ages, murdering of albinos, crusades, war, genocide, etc…
        Just because your cult has lessened its persecution over the years doesn’t make it any less bigoted and dangerous to the survival of the human species.

        And since you have immature beliefs of an imaginary invisible space wizard friend like a school age child I used accurate descriptive words to convey that point. Stop having imaginary friends sip being insulted in childish ways

        And finally you have an assumption mixed with a no true Scots man fallacy…

        I was raised Roman Catholic, became a born again, then became agnostic, then became a skeptical atheist.

        I have read 4 versions of the bible at the same time from cover to cover (genesis to revelations)

        Now since you are a Christian you have to follow what you believe is god’s orders or you commit a sin and won’t be able to enter heaven…
        1 peter 3:15 states you MUST explain WHY you believe. And no I won’t accept anecdotal stories as evidence.

        So explain why do you believe?

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