camp potawatomi

We just finished our first ever week of Potawatomi Bible Camp. We had 51 campers!! What an answer to prayer to see the vision we [Dan Nave, Scott Tiede, and me] prayed about over a year ago come to fruition.

We were able to see God do some amazing things this week. Uncle Charlie of Children’s Bible Hour was our speaker. It was a joy to watch this aged man related to the kids. We had 3 campers begin a relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior!! It made the week so worth it.

We had to end camp a day early because of the an issue with bats inside the cabins. We were told that the bats would not be a problem when we arrived earlier in the week. Sunday afternoon we had a larger work crew help clean the cabins and chase any varmints out of the cabins with great success. Campers arrived later on Monday afternoon. Monday night we had a few cases of bats in the cabins. Tuesday we plugged holes, but that night we again had more bats. In fact, there were more that 20+ bats in one of the cabins. We had a DNR naturalist come that afternoon that shared with us bats are harmless and are not the rabies-infested-beasts we claim them to be. Out of protection for the kids we decided it would best to let the kids go home early. No more guano!!

Lesson: It doesn’t take a week to see God work nor do bats and bugs distract His Spirit from impacting lives!! Praise the LORD for a great week of Camp!


4 thoughts on “camp potawatomi

  1. Wow, it really makes it more real when you see a picture of one of the bats (and that one looks like a baby)! So, were you holding that bat, and was that the one that was crawling on my precious 8-year-old daughter?? Interesting how you failed to mention on the phone to me that, not only were there bats in the cabins, and that’s why camp was ending early, but there was a actually a bat crawling on my daughter in her bed in the middle of the night! But that’s okay, I forgive you Justin. I suppose you were just trying not to worry me unnecessarily on the phone…but if you would have told me, I would have wholeheartedly agree with your decision to end camp early, bat guano or not!

  2. honestly, I did not know there was one on her, otherwise I would have told you. The baby bats were cute. I wanted to take on home, NOT!!

  3. This is very bad rabies advice. If the kids were sleeping in the cabin and the bats were in there, they should all receive rabies shots. The naturalist should have his naturalist license revoked. I hope it all worked out ok for you. Regardless in most States, the guidelines are to treat.

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