Remember K.E.I.T.H.

I remember working at a camp a few summers back. They had this slogan, “Remember KEITH”. I always thought it was silly until I heard the story behind it. Keith was your normal bouncing off the wall kid that you wanted to hang by his undies from the flag pole. Even though you never could have because of stupid CPS laws, you treated him different because of his attitude. All along Keith was looking for positive attention. I didnt know Keih and Keith didnt know me. Throughout the week I started to know Keith. His family was disfunctional, his faith was confused, he struggled in school, etc. He just wanted someone to listen…he wanted someone to believe in him…he wanted to really believe in God.

Keith might be like a lot of kids you know. He might even be you. “Remember KEITH” was a slogan to help remind us adults that their are a lot of Keiths out there so be…KindElasticIntegrityTimelyHospitable

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