Wow, I am still trying to catch up on sleep from Shakamak Bible Camp this past week!!

All I can say is AWESOME. That word totally gets over used and has diminished in value, but it truly expresses who God is and what He accomplished this week at Camp.

Great speakers: Pink Davis delivered some passionate theology in the AM on redemption, reconciliation, and regeneration. Jason Thompson clearly proclaimed in the PM the awesomeness of God in salvation and security.

Great Counselors: the counselors really made my “el director” duties rather easy. They stepped it up and were right in there getting muddy with the teens.

Great Teens: we had near 220 campers and 120 senior camps. Nothing to whine about…they were incredibly fun, attentive and boisterous.

Great God: overall over a dozen committed their lives to Christ for the first time, and many dealt with specific sins in their life that they’ve been struggle with!!

Thanks for another great week of summer camp!

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