eulogy: dead by sled

I almost died yesterday. Okay, not really. I went sledding with some friends from church at Slatter Hill. The conditions were supreme. The snow was packed, the air was cold, and the orange-deer sleds were dominating the competition on the hill. For real, no sleds could challenge our speed.

Risking my life for the glory of the day I borrow a little kids can of Pam cooking spray. I lathered my sled up in buttery goodness and dared to conquer the slope. A few butterflies entered my stomach. My pride was at stake. I got into my sled and took the street-luge position. Pete gave a quick push and I was off.

My eyes were watering because of the speed. My bowls were about to explode in my snowpants. I was rocketing towards the road. I couldnt bail. Only chickens bail. I reached the bottom of the hill, but I had such great speed that I launched over the road rear the Purdue soccer field fence. The sled stopped. For a moment I basked in the glory!

snow day(s)



It snowed about 17 inches in Lafayette the past couple of days. It has been great to see a good dumping of the white stuff. I finally got to bust out the snow blower!



On Tuesday, I went sledding with Caleb and Tiffany. Caleb (a four horseman) and I have known each other since middle school. It was good to catch up and laugh, while making new memories. The sledding was fun-tastic, but as we came to and from Murdock we noticed that nobody was out on the streets. It was kind of eerie! Later that evening when we got home we realized the State Patrol office had declared a county snow emergency. We laughed. Growing up in Wisconsin this was nothing. We would still have to go to school the next day. No snow days for the northerners!



So in honor of my southern, Indiana-folk, I took a few snow days off this week. Ahhh, it was good to kick back and enjoy a seat on my couch.



Today, I am sitting in my office with a little box heater to keep me warm. The furnace blew a fuse. I think I will go home early and do some reading from there…where it’s warmer.