5 Affirmations of a Redemptive Friendship

A real redemptive friendship produces righteousness in one another. In a sermon given by my pastor this Sunday our church peered into the friendship of David and Jonathan. There friendship was the epitome of a healthy, godly and redemptive relationship.

Affirmation #1 – I will be there for you during times of hardship [1 Samuel 23:15-16], Hardship always reveals true friendship. If you are not there for a friend in a hard time you are not a redemptive friend. When Jonathan went to David he was taking a big risk [cf.20:31-33; Proverbs 17:17].

Affirmation #2 – I will help you to depend upon God and not me [23:16-17]. Jonathan strengthened Davids hand in God. He did not minimize the problem. He did not present himself as the answer to Davids problems. He simply points David to the promises of God. Are my friendships strong in Christ because of your friendship with them?

Affirmation #3 – I will seek to be a source of emotional stability for you. Redemptive friends are objective–they measure your words with and against the Scriptures. Redemptive friends do not reed sinful emotions through sympathy, but they help them to see and understand the truth.

Affirmation #4 – I will seek to be your loyal friend even when I lose. Jonathan knew the kingdom was not his. In a day and age when kings killed their competitors. Jonathan affirms his friend David by saying, “you shall be king and I will be next to you.” Jonathan says in essence, “David I will be your biggest supporter when you become the next king!” Jonathan loses the kingdom, but gains a redemptive friend and advocate. He is not really losing anything by obeying God.

Affirmation #5 – I will verbalize my commitment to you [23:18]. David and Jonathan seal their friendship with a ceremony. Like a marriage the ceremony is an important reminder before God as their witness.

Redemptive relationships are critical for spiritual growth in Christ. Do you have a redemptive friendship like this? Are you a redemptive friend like this? Is your church cultivating redemptive friendships like this?

eat more chikin

What do you get when you have 20 people, lots of food and a large dancing cow? The “Chikin Makeover” Winner of the Week!!

Yes, I am this weeks “Chikin Makeover” winner.  Thanks to Janel who nominated me for this grand honor. This saturday Chick-fil-a came over to my house with a fully catered meal for 20 of my friends. We all walked away with prizes, I particularly appreciated the presence of the big cow, which even busted a few moves for the neighborhood kids [she even gave me her cowbell!?]. It was a perfect day, and not too mention a free meal!

snow day(s)



It snowed about 17 inches in Lafayette the past couple of days. It has been great to see a good dumping of the white stuff. I finally got to bust out the snow blower!



On Tuesday, I went sledding with Caleb and Tiffany. Caleb (a four horseman) and I have known each other since middle school. It was good to catch up and laugh, while making new memories. The sledding was fun-tastic, but as we came to and from Murdock we noticed that nobody was out on the streets. It was kind of eerie! Later that evening when we got home we realized the State Patrol office had declared a county snow emergency. We laughed. Growing up in Wisconsin this was nothing. We would still have to go to school the next day. No snow days for the northerners!



So in honor of my southern, Indiana-folk, I took a few snow days off this week. Ahhh, it was good to kick back and enjoy a seat on my couch.



Today, I am sitting in my office with a little box heater to keep me warm. The furnace blew a fuse. I think I will go home early and do some reading from there…where it’s warmer.