a short story of the gospel

1. Where sin came from.

Holy creator God. Righteous Judge. He created angels (including Satan). Satan was prideful and wanted to be god (Is.14:13-14), but instead became and enemy of God and was cast from heaven.

2. How we became the children of Satan.

God created heavens and earth and mankind. Adam and Eve were tempted by Satan in the garden to eat the fruit to be as wise as God. A lie. They bit the fruit. God cast them from the garden and were accursed and not allowed to come into His perfect heaven (Rom.6:23; 3:23). They obeyed Satan’s voice rather than God’s.

3. How God adopted us into salvation.

God came to earth in the form of a man. His names was Jesus.He came to live a perfect life and die as the sacrifice for sin. After He died He resurrected from the grave and ascended into heaven conquering sin and defeating death. Jesus brought eternal life to all who believe on Him and follow Him (John 3:16; Mt.28:19-20; 11:28-30). You receive His Holy Spirit and become a new creation.

4. What will happen when Jesus returns.

He will come back as judge. Until He returns we must be a part of His church, be willing to suffer for His name, and live as His child.

Adapted from Preach and Heal by Charles Fielding (Appendix E)

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