hokey-pokey theology

Who doesn’t love doing the Hokey-Pokey?  I suppose it is in my Polish roots, but this song never gets old It is a classic song of putting various body parts in, then out and shaking them all about.

The song Hokey-Pokey can remind us a lot about biblical change and the God of change. There are often sinful areas of our life that we are willing to put in or give up to God, but other areas we are not so willing. God asks us to put our left foot in, but also our whole self. God doesn’t want us to be hokey or pokey when it comes to biblical change.

First, if we desire to be like Christ we must be the real deal like He is. There are too many fake-n-bake Christians [especially on TV] who display hokey lives.

Second, when it comes to biblical change God desires us to change right now and not procrastinate while waiting for a better day or becoming pokey in dealing with habitual sins. Rather the Bible says we are to put off our old ways and put on the new [cf. Ephesians 4:17-32; Colossians 3:1-17]. Christ says if we commit our lives to Him we are a new creation.

Now I do not think that the meaning of the song Hokey-Pokey is about being hokey or pokey. It is a joyful party song. We would have more joy in our lives if we would allow God to changes us from the inside out. Here is my take on some new lyrics for Hokey-Pokey teaching a bit of theology:

Put your new self on, put your old self off,

Put your new self on and make a joyful shout,

Don’t be Hokey Pokey or God will turn your life inside out,

That’s what it’s all about!


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