We live in a reality-TV-crazy culture that is tenacious about flaunting personal talent. From a young age we are taught that flaunting our Talent Show skills are normal. It translates to adults with shows like American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Got Talent and a plethora of other with people seeking to get their fifteen minutes. We are talent freaks. People what to be know for the talents. To shine in their talents to the glory of the fan-filled audiences.

We were made to worship. We crave to exude excellence. This is not a bad thing. We are born with the built in radar seeking someone or something to worship. The problem is that we often worship the creation rather than the Creator (cf. Rom.1:18ff). In other words we exchange the worship of God for idols. Idols are not necessarily carved images you see people in the aborigine jungles worship, it can be attitudes rooted within our hearts.

The question is where do our talents come from? The Bible says that all of our abilities and giftedness comes from God (Rom.12 & 1 Cor.12). The glory and the credit for our talent must go to God. This is more than after an accomplishment or acclaim saying, “I would like to thank God,” but a lifestyle of channeling the worship of the gifted talent to Giver of the talent. We are talented people because God created us with amazing abilities that reflect the character of His creative image.

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