changing tracks

Changing Tracks

Having no emotion,
What notion?
Being stagnant as a rusted locomotion!

Don’t know why?
As I try,
That desert tear ducts lack cry

A build up,
Trained playing pup.
The water to the brim of a cup.

My hair falls out,
Then I pout.
Attitude, behavior, character drought.

Want to sleep,
No past to keep.
Still can’t get into the deep.

In whisper voice,
Uplifted praise.
Honest prayer to Lord Jesus raised.

Unrepentant sin,
World crashing in.
No matter what, Satan can’t win.

Calling above,
Hearts shove.
Curvy, hilly highway–minds drove.

Now is emotion,
Great notion!
Moving swift as a shiny locomotion.

One thought on “changing tracks

  1. Reminds me of life and how it can be a roller coaster sometimes. But we can find God in our times of Changing Tracks.

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