memorial tears

Memorial Tears

I possess a tear; it is one of many.
Added to oceans of tears in memory.
Looking deep within, reflecting off the surface,
I see what is inside floating, and ponder. 
Of all remembrances is the foregoing sin
Causing agony from within to without. 
I deserve the furthest destructive damnation,
In relation to my foolishness and shame.
Yet I stumble in and drown in the shadowy depths;
I was miraculously saved and placed upright. 
Breathed in with new life, without strife 
Engrossed in the creation of all that is.
Talk of no fairytale in paradise lost,
But obligation to worship and adorn thy name.
Swimming in the vast tears of memory
And gather together the heart of my present being.
Am I frozen? Or too cold and unbearable? 
I am compelled to stoke the fire to boil a pleasing aroma.
Professing to confess out to the outstretched arm
Wanting security from the memory of tears.
Justin Thomas Hutts
Copyright ©2006 Justin Thomas Hutts  

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