Do I feel a lack?

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This post is from my thoughtful and beautiful wife, Sarah.

Do I feel a lack?  Yes, I do.  A lack that is blessed by the God of the universe.  He blesses it because He gave His Son this lack as well.  This is a lack of total goodness.  I have many good things, but all things that I have are not good. Yet.  I have many friends, but not all are near to me. Yet.  I have food and rest, but I am not totally filled or perfectly rested. Yet.

I am waiting.  Waiting for my Savior.  He is coming without delay.  “Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.”

How can I glory in this lack?  How can I despise the shame and take up my cross?  I cannot with these hands.  These hands want security and comfort.  They want pleasure and entertainment.  I must instead pour out my soul and entrust it to my Creator. I must ask God for strength to lay down my life.  I must remember Jesus.  My God, grow this in me.

My Savior is walking with me.
It doesn’t matter how far I walk.
My Savior is speaking to me.
It doesn’t matter how fast I talk.
My Savior is out to heal others.
In places that I cannot see.
My Savior is sleeping through wind storms.
I wonder if He’s in the boat with me?

My Savior is praying on mountains.
I whisper a thanks for my food.
My Savior is playing with children.
But I’m really not in the mood.
My Savior is feeding the thousands.
Did I grudge just one boy a meal?
My Savior is eating with sinners.
Do I care how others would feel?

But wait! Now my Savior is bleeding!
Do I share the pain of His gaze?
He is mocked and betrayed by those closest.
And my want is to slip by – ungrazed?
Will I give Him what never had value?
Will I fling at His feet “all the rest?”
Or die with my Savior on Calvary
And hourly give Him my best?

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